Clubs Training: ancient tools for modern warriors!

by Emilio Troiano

Do you know the Clubs?

Among the tools for Functional Training, the Clubs are certainly one of the most misunderstood by many people, due both to their form, which in modern times is not easily ascribable to physical training, and to the difficulty of using them when one does not have solid technical foundations, which only a Trainer specialised in their use can have.

Clubs technical characteristics

On the other hand, however, the Clubs, precisely because of their particular form, have an unique potential compared to all the other training tools, for which they are extremely versatile and effective in many aspects of physical training, from the prevention of injuries (especially of the shoulder), to physical conditioning both of a general nature (for those in the gym looking for the aesthetics associated with the health and functionality of the joints), and of a specific nature for all the sports where a strong and functional structure of the scapula-humeral girdle is required, both for stability and for the multiplanar movements (for example, for combat sports, and sports involving throwing such as basketball, volleyball, water polo, tennis, baseball, rugby, football goalkeeping, swimming, skiing, etc.).

This is, in fact, the fundamental characteristic of the clubs, in that they allow a work of joint decompression associated with continuous stabilisation in the physiological joint of the shoulder girdle, in the three planes of movement (sagittal, frontal, and, above all, transverse), with the continuous support of the Core and the lower base of the body (the hips and lower limbs).

Due to their conical shape, the clubs allow for the decentralisation of the grip with respect to the mass. Manoeuvring the Clubs, in fact, rapidly develops great capacity for grip, strength, resistance, and muscular quality.

Their form, moreover, allows the safe development of ballistic movements by engaging all the muscle chains on all the three planes of movement, thus improving the conditions of health of the joints (in particular of the shoulder complex) and the postural arrangement, as well as rapidly increasing the coordination, the speed, and the power of the person that uses them!

These tools are very effective, both in terms of Athletic Conditioning and in the improvement of the Posture and General Physical Conditioning.

Clubs Training Video

Here you can see some great application of the Clubs Training!

The Clubs Workout

Below is an example of Workout for Health and Conditioning by using Clubs Training and Bodyweight Training (Primitive Functional Movement® Joint Mobility System on the ground).

The Clubs Training Certification

The IFWTA International Functional Training Academy, has been training highly Clubs Training expert professionals since 2009, with Online and On-site Courses around the world.

The objective of the Clubs Training Instructor Course is to train in the safe and effective use of these extraordinary work tools, so as to be able to apply them to the demands of the athletes of various disciplines (for developing specific physical qualities) and of the common gym user (for achieving aesthetic and wellness goals).

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