Private Course Option

Our professional training, in addition to the On-Site Training Courses (which are carried out according to an annual calendar), and to the Online Training Courses (which can be carried out at any time, based on the availability of time), also offers the possibility to request a Private Educational Course.

The Private Courses are carried out at the requestor’s sports facility (at home), or at one of our operative sites (to be agreed according to needs), and is provided in two options regarding the study programme:

  • organise one or more courses from among those of our training proposal;
  • organise one or more courses designed according to the specific needs of the requestor (depending on the professional needs of their technical staff, and according to the spaces and to the equipment available).

Private educational Course is the best option for meeting the needs of training an entire technical Staff of a sports facility, in order to:

  • provide a common approach of working for all the Trainers, which enables the best optimisation of the areas and the equipment of the sports structure;
  • raise the specific technical skills on the course of study selected, while containing the overall costs.

To evaluate the possibility of organising a Private Educational Course, send us an email request, specifying:

  • the type of course/s required;
  • the number of technicians to be trained for each course;
  • the location for the Private Training (whether at home or at one of our operational facilities);
  • an indicative period for the carrying out of the Private Training required.

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