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The WTA Functional Training Academy was the first Training School to disseminate the concept of Functional Training in the world (since 2009).

Today we are recognised in all physical, sporting, and rehabilitation sectors as a World Leader amongst training schools, with thousands of professionals trained and successfully integrated into the working environment at every level.

Our training content is also recognised as a guarantee of professionalism that respects the highest global Standards of Quality by the European organisation EREPS (European Register of Exercise Professionals) and by the International Olympic Committee through the CSEN/CONI association.

Nevertheless, despite the universal recognition of the high-quality standards of professionalism we represent, we have always decided to adopt a line of containing the costs of our courses, so that they are accessible to all those who want to discover, immerse themselves, and specialise in our Method in order to experience the benefits for themselves and then share them with others.

Throughout the years, we have always had great trust in our Trainers, and this trust has invariably been rewarded with great professionalism through the daily dissemination of our Method in the field.

This is the reason why we continue on our path of contained prices, and even though we are well aware of the high professional standards of the training we offer, we want to continue to give everyone the chance to improve themselves and to help others improve themselves too!

Moreover, to further assist those who believe in our training and decide to continue to specialise with the subsequent training courses, we have created two more options for containing the costs:

  • Entire Educational Pathways
  • The WTA University

These two options enable you to save money compared to the purchase of a single course of training.

Other options for discounts relate to:

  • for Gyms that subscribe a group of 6 Instructors, 5 pay and one is Free!
  • those who decide to buy a course on-site and also want to access the study material of the relative course online;
  • those who decide to purchase a course online and also want to be able to attend the relative course on-site;
  • those who already purchased a particular training course in the period from 2009 to 2018, and who now also want to purchase the relative Online Course in order to have access to the Reserved Area and have all the material of the course available in multimedia. In this case, starting from January 2019, we have provided a 50% discount compared to the full price of the single course Online.

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