Where to Start

Our training proposal is very broad and covers all physical and sporting sectors:

  • General Physical-aesthetic Training
  • Health and Wellness Training
  • General Physical Preparation
  • Specific Athletic Preparation for various Sports
  • Physical Training for the Military, Police, and Firefighters
  • Nutrition for Health and Wellness

In addition, we have different categories of specific technical training:

  • on the various Functional Training equipments (Kettlebells, Barbells, Clubs, Flowbags, Suspension Training, etc.
  • on entire specific Functional Training Systems (Primitive Functional Movement®, Calisthenics Functional Training®, Women’s Functional Training®, Body Building Functional Training®, etc.).

In regards to the type of Training offered, it is possible to:

  • Attend a Single Course of your choice
  • Attend an Entire Educational Pathways of interest to you
  • Attend the prestigious WTA University which, in addition to providing training courses, can assist you in your own personal training.

Moreover, the organizational options have also been designed to meet the personal needs of anyone:

  • On-Site Courses (with dates and venues scheduled annually)
  • Online Courses (available at any time, from any part of the world)
  • Private Courses at your Gym or at one of our WTA Official Centers of your choice (by agreement)

But with such a wide and versatile professional training proposal, where do you start?
Based on our experience with thousands of Trainers trained since 2009, we suggest these different options:

  1. Do you already have general experience in Functional Training and want to specialise in the use of a specific tool or Training System?
    >  Start with the course that matches your specific technical interest.
  2. Are you taking your first steps into the world of Functional Training and do not know where it is best to start?
    >  If you have good Joint Mobility (of the hips and shoulder girdle) and you already have available or plan to purchase the Functional Training tools, you can begin with the WTA Functional Training® Instructor Course.
    >  If, on the other hand, you recognise that you don’t have good Joint Mobility (of the hips and shoulder girdle), or you don’t have the Functional Training tools available, your best option is to start with the Primitive Functional Movement® Instructor Course (that is developed entirely free body, and teaches you how to improve Joint Mobility and how to best manage the use of the primary “tool” available in training, your own body).

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