Functional Training Specialist
International Functional Training Certification

Functional Training Specialist

As well as being available for individual purchase, our Training Courses can also be purchased as part of an entire Educational Pathway, at the end of which you can acquire the relative Qualification of specific specialisation.
This option, as well as guiding your choice of a Training Pathway aimed at your own specific professional needs, allows you to access training at discounted prices compared to the purchase of the individual Training course.
In addition, many of the individual Training Courses form part of different Training Pathways meaning that, once you have purchased an entire Training Pathway, you can save money on the purchase of your next Training Pathway, as you would just need to buy the individual training Courses that are missing in order to complete the Training Pathway you are interested in.

The Functional Training Specialist Educational Pathway consists of the following 10 Courses that you'll receive at discounted price when you buy the whole Educational Pathway:

WTA Functional Training® Instructor Course
Primitive Functional Movement® Instructor Course Level 1
Kettlebell Training Instructor Course Level 1
Flying Suspension Training Instructor Course
Barbell & Bodyweight Training Instructor Course
Steel Clubs Training Instructor Course
Flowbag Training® Instructor Course
RCF Functional Body/Postural Reprogramming and Post-Traumatic Recovery Instructor Course Level 1
Body Building Functional Training® Instructor Course
Athletic Functional Training® Instructor Course

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