Woman Functional Training® Instructor Course Level 2

Woman Functional Training® Instructor Course Level 2

The Instructor course of Woman Functional Training® Level 2 enriches the specific training on women’s functional training through in-depth study of technical subjects regarding the classification of Female Constitutional Biotypes.

Starting off from the Analysis of individual Body Composition and from the detection of specific measurements, it is explained how to individuate the categories of the Biotypes of belonging, and how to structure the training protocols and follow the nutritional guidelines aimed at each specific Biotype.

The second level program, through the rich Technical Manual, definitively clarifies any doubts in matters specific to female training. In fact, the students will receive the entire Programming of Training and Nutrition, carefully designed to address the particular issues related to the recomposition of the body and to the harmonisation of the figure of every woman in the best way according to their Biotype of belonging.

What you will learn:

// How to manage the specific female aesthetic and functional problems according to the predominant Biotype detected for objectives of: slimming, toning, increasing muscle mass, circulatory reactivation, and postural rebalancing in such a way as to ensure a total harmonisation of the body;

// Overview of nutrition for the treatment of cellulite and circulatory disorders, for weight loss, and for the building of muscle mass;

// How to periodise female functional training based on the Biotype of belonging, and directed at multiple objectives such as: postural recovery, circulatory reactivation, slimming, toning, increasing lean mass, and preventing cellulite and water retention, with the overall objective of achieving a harmonious and healthy figure;

// How to structure the programmes with the most effective training strategies based on the level of general physical conditioning, the objective, and the Biotype characteristic of the client;

// Which progressions must be followed in developing the mesocycles of training programmes for the female Biotypes: example schemes of reference;   

// What the Pyramids of reference are for the Periodisation of Training set on the Biotypology of the Woman, and how to apply them in practice through the definition of the long-term action strategy plan.

// A fast and functional Coaching Method that has been put to the test in the field since 2009 by thousands of WTA Coaches and Trainers;

// How to use the competences acquired in the sale of Personal Training and Group Training services;

// What the professional prospects of a WTA Trainer are.

Index of topics of the Course Program

• Body composition and the techniques of detection;

• Excess weight and localised fat;

• Constitutional Biotopes, characteristics, and guidelines for intervention;

• The role of Nutrition in aesthetic-functional problems;

• Practical application of Woman Functional Training® starting with the fact-finding and functional evaluative phase, and then moving to the planning and final operational phase;

• Training methods for the Posture, the Circulation, Slimming, and Toning and increasing lean mass;  

• The Periodisation and Programming of female functional training with the implementation of specific training protocols for personal training and for group courses based on the various levels and objectives of the clients (aesthetic - health and wellness); 

• The exercises of Woman Functional Training® with the use of: 
Free Body (Primitive Functional Movement® and Bodyweight training);
Kettlebell (cast iron balls with a handle); 
Flying Suspension Training (training in suspension);
Flowbag (bags filled with water);
Med Balls (medicine balls of various types);
Power Loop Bands (elastic straps for increasing resistance);
Foam Roller and Massage Roller (cylinders made of EVA); 

• The effective Coaching of Woman Functional Training®: communication and motivation; 

• Aspects of sales and marketing of services related to Woman Functional Training®.

On-Site Course: those who purchase the On-Site course are entitled to a 60% discount on the purchase of the same course, Online. Once you have the purchased the course, you are entitled to repeat the course as often as you want (if you feel you still have doubts about the program, or if you simply want to continue perfecting the technique of the exercises).

Online Course: those who purchase the Online course are entitled to a 50% discount on the purchase of the same course On-Site.

On-Site Course: once you have purchased the course, you can access your own Reserved Area in which you will have the complete course manual viewable in pdf format, the evaluation cards and the training sheets downloadable in pdf, and the video lessons of 20 base exercises of the program.

Online Course: once you have purchased the course you can access your own Reserved Area in which you will have the complete course manual viewable in pdf format, the evaluation cards and the training sheets downloadable in pdf, and the video lessons of all of the exercises of the program (more than 80).

Your Reserved Area is equipped with a high information security format.
The only technology you will need in order to consult the teaching material in the Reserved Area is Adobe Reader (for the pdf files).
The teaching materials are compatible with: Microsoft Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

After having purchased the course (immediately if paying by credit card or PayPal; after receipt of the confirmation of payment if making the payment by bank transfer), you will receive an email (to the email address you indicate when purchasing the course), with details of how to access your Reserved Area where you will find the course you have purchased.

From that point, you have unlimited access to your Reserved Area. 
You can access it as and when you want and at any time you want to study, then present the exam when you're ready, without deadlines or expiration dates.

In WTA Courses, the exams are a fundamental part of the training process, as they allow both the WTA and the student to verify that they have correctly learnt both the theoretical concepts and the practical technical applications of the work program of the course.

In this way, 4 positive results are obtained
1) WTA is sure to put only really prepared Trainers in the field;
2) the new Instructor feels confident that they have mastered the program of study and the executive technique of the exercises, therefore they feel ready to work with clients;
3) the clients who turn to a WTA Trainer are guaranteed to find professionals who are extremely competent and able to help them to reach their objectives; 
4) the owners of gyms who employ a WTA Trainer are guaranteed to have professionals who are able to follow their customers in the best way, and to increase the volume of business of their gym.

The exams consist of:
 - theoretical part: in which, through the writing of a thesis on a real case study selected by the student (focussed on a subject who must be one of their clients or themselves), the student demonstrates that they have acquired all of the theoretical principles that lead to the realisation of an effective training program for each specific client (following what has been explained in the course).
 - practical part: in which, through the creation of a video, the student demonstrates that they have mastered the correct executive technique of the base exercises of the course program.
The exam is evaluated by a Tutor who is assigned to the aspiring Trainer at the time they present the exam. The Tutor will assist the student to pass the exam, providing any necessary corrections, both of the theoretical and the practical parts.
The common objective of the WTA and of the aspiring Trainer is to bring the training process initiated at the time of enrolling in the course to completion, so as to have a new WTA Trainer who is fully prepared to work in teaching the training Method learnt, in the most effective and efficient way possible!

On passing the exams, the new Trainer will be awarded the coveted certification of Instructor of Woman Functional Training® Level 2 that is valid for:

  •  inclusion in the prestigious Official Register of WTA Instructors and in the Professional Databank (free of charge).

The Woman Functional Training® Instructor Level 2 certification entitles students to training credits towards the following Educational Pathways:

  • Educational Pathways for WTA Specialisation Qualifications: Women's Training Specialist - Aesthetic Training Specialist.

On attainment of the Diploma, the Trainer, in addition to receiving the Diploma, is incorporated in the prestigious Official Register of WTA Instructors, within their own region.
This Register, in addition to being the only official document accessible to the public which testifies the real competence of the Trainer, is a true and proper Professional Database which is open both to clients who are looking for a competent Trainer in which to trust, and to the owners of gyms who are looking for Professionals to include in their Instructor Staff.
In fact, the high level of professionalism of the WTA Training, universally recognised since 2009 in all physical fields (from athletic conditioning, to medical gymnastics applications, to purely aesthetic fitness), allows the WTA Trainer to be inserted in any sporting environment in which the functionality of the Movement of the human body is indispensable for the health and efficiency of the person, be they an athlete of a specific sports discipline or a person who wants to recover or improve their state of health and physical form.
To date, the WTA Method, through the great work of over 20,000 Trainers trained since 2009, has been applied with great success in all professional sports, in medical and physiotherapy centres, and in thousands of private and commercial gyms.

In particular, the fields of application in which the WTA Trainer is most in demand are those relating to:

  • Conditioning of Joint Mobility, prevention of injuries, and post-traumatic recovery;
  • Conditioning of Functional Strength in Sports; 
  • High Intensity Functional Training; 
  • Increasing biomechanical and neuro-motor skills both for general and specific sports;
  • Aesthetic training associated with the improvement of the Posture; 
  • Group training for any type of level and target.
22 - 23
Woman Functional Training® Instructor Course Level 1
San Bonifacio (Verona)
Extreme Fitness - WTA Official Center
Via Ritonda 81
I’m an instructor and a mum. I have tried various, more or less valid, methods of training, but from the moment I discovered the Woman Functional Training, I understood that I had found what I was looking for: a personalised training, specifically for women, that considers all the constitutional and hormonal factors that influence the characteristics of natural aesthetics, with specific training programs for preventing and improving certain problems and finding the psycho-physical well-being that we all need!
Kimberly Jones - 32 years old / Fitness Trainer - Birmingam (England)
I’m a graduate in Sports Science and a Personal Trainer. Since I started in this profession, I've always had a lot of women clients, so I've always looked for specific training courses, both in Italy and abroad. I can’t deny that I was very sceptical about buying an Online Course from a school that I haven’t attended personally, but having a lot of work in the week and a little girl I must dedicate at least the weekend to, I decided to try. Initially it was a little strange because I had never attended a practical Course Online before, but thanks to the organisational clarity of the course and with me being in the sector for many years, I could immediately appreciate the quality of the information provided and apply it to my clients to verify the validity of the Method. An excellent Course!
Kate Wellman - 36 years old / Personal Trainer - Chicago (USA)

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