Masters in Health & Sports Nutrition

Masters in Health & Sports Nutrition

This Masters is aimed at Trainers, Athletic Coaches, Motor Education professionals, and all those who are passionate about the Nutritional and Sports sector in the broadest sense, who aim to acquire specific competences in the nutritional sphere.

The objective of the Masters is to go deeper into the topic of “Nutrition for Sport and Wellness”, healthy human nutrition, and an efficient nutrition for sports and for athletes.

With this knowledge you will know how the adequate nutrition is related to Health and Sports Performance.
To this end, the course will provide all the indispensable, fundamental, and suitable knowledge on the subject, as well as on the most appropriate and “functional” nutritional plans to use based on the subject being followed in their training.
It will also clarify and explore issues regarding nutritional supplementation for all athletes and users of gyms and sports centres in general.

The Masters is principally theoretical, but ample attention will be given to putting the concepts exposed into practice through the analysis of different case studies and the application of nutritional plans, but will also address any topics of interest to the students, based on their requests and personal experiences.

Index of topics of the Master Program:

  • Legislation in the nutritional sphere: Who can prescribe What;

  • An overview of Anatomy and Human Physiology (the gastrointestinal, nephron urinary, and endocrine systems); 

  • An overview of Nutritional Biochemistry (macro and micro nutrients, metabolisms, and energy systems);

  • Nutrition and Human Evolution (the nutrition of human beings from prehistory to the present day);

  • “Famous” diets vs. Nutritional Education (how the application of the concept of “functional” diet is subjective based on the case study identified, and study of the guidelines for a healthy, correct, and adequate nutrition);

  • Evaluation of nutritional status (the study of body composition);

  • Pathologies of metabolic-nutritional interest and DCA (an overview of the most widespread disorders relating to nutrition);

  • Food Intolerances;

  • Nutrition in sports practice (the application of the concepts studied, adapted to different types of sports and physical activities);

  • Nutrition in female aesthetic and functional issues;

  • Doping vs. Nutritional Supplementation (the study of energy supplements, plastics, and regulators, and supplements for wellness);

  • Examples of case studies for general sports practitioners and elite athletes (practical examples, applying the concepts studied and brain-storming).

Times of the lessons of the On-Site course: from 09:00 to 18:00 (with a one hour break from 13:00 to 14:00) for all the days of the Master, for a total of 16 hours.

Dr. Sergio Scordino, Nutritionist, Dietitian, and WTA Trainer.

On-Site Course: the Masters in Health & Sports Nutrition is only available On-Site.

Once you have purchased the Master, you are entitled to repeat the same course as many times as you want (if you think you still have doubts about the program, or if you simply want to continue to improve in the technique of the exercises).

On-Site Course: once you have purchased the Master, you can access your own Reserved Area in which you will have the complete course manual viewable in pdf format.

Your Reserved Area is equipped with a high information security format.
The only technology you will need in order to consult the teaching material in the Reserved Area is Adobe Reader (for the pdf files).
The teaching materials are compatible with: Microsoft Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

After having purchased the Master (immediately if paying by credit card or PayPal; after receipt of the confirmation of payment if making the payment by bank transfer), you will receive an email (to the email address you indicate when purchasing the course), with details of how to access your Reserved Area where you will find the Master you have purchased.

From that point, you have unlimited access to your Reserved Area, without deadlines or expiration dates.

This Master has not an exam, because for this Master you will receive a Certificate of Attendance, not a Diploma.

Certificate of Attendance at the Masters in Health & Sports Nutrition that is valid for:

  • inclusion in the prestigious Official Register of WTA Instructors and in the Professional Databank (free of charge).

The Masters in Health & Sports Nutrition certification entitles students to training credits towards the following Educational Pathways: 

  • Educational Pathways for WTA Specialisation Qualifications: Personal Trainer - Athletic Trainer - Exercise for Health Specialist

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