On-site Course "Kettlebell High-Performance Training for Sports" by Emilio Troiano

On-site Course "Kettlebell High-Performance Training for Sports" by Emilio Troiano

Enter the world of functional training and discover how the kettlebell can revolutionize your sports performance! In his latest book, author and pioneer of functional training, Emilio Troiano, reveals advanced strategies to maximize the use of the kettlebell in athletic preparation for various sports disciplines.

With over 20,000 sports instructors trained since 2009 through the WTA Functional Training Academy, Emilio Troiano is an international reference in the field of functional training. In this comprehensive guide, he shares his wealth of knowledge and presents innovative approaches to utilizing the kettlebell for high-performance sports.


  • How to harness the strength, stability, and power provided by the kettlebell to enhance your athletic abilities

  • Advanced techniques to increase power, agility, and endurance

  • Strategies to improve joint mobility and prevent injuries through targeted exercises

  • Over 50 customizable training programs tailored to the specific needs of your sport.

Here's why you should read this book:

  • In-depth exploration of advanced techniques in functional training with the kettlebell

  • Practical advice to maximize the results of your athletic preparation

  • Insights shared by an international expert with extensive experience in the field

  • 450 Exercises accompanied by instructional videos for clearer understanding and proper execution

Prepare to bridge theory with practice! Every exercise described in the book is accompanied by instructional videos demonstrating correct form and technique. This allows you to learn visually and perform the exercises effectively.

With an accessible approach and practical tips, "Kettlebell High-Performance Training for Sports" will become an essential resource for all sports enthusiasts and instructors who wish to enhance their skills in functional training.

Step into the world of the kettlebell and take your athletic performance to new level!

Purchase Emilio Troiano's book now and get ready to transform your training and the results you achieve!

You can buy the book in three options based on your needs and preferences:

  1. Online viewable e-book directly on this website.

  2. E-book Kindle version on Amazon Kindle from this link

  3. Or, if you prefer a printed book, also available on Amazon from this link.

  • Preface:
    To whom this book is addressed: una guida essenziale per l'atleta e il preparatore atletico
  • Author:
    How kettlebells came into my life 
  • Chapter 1:
    The significance of this book: perché un libro sul Kettlebell Training applicato alla Preparazione Atletica
  • Chapter 2: 
    The essential principles to know before starting Kettlebell Training
  • Chapter 3:
    Sports Performance Training
  • Chapter 4:
    Kettlebells and Functional Training
  • Chapter 5:
    Why to use Kettlebells in Sports Performance Training 
  • Chapter 6:
    Kettlebells and Functional Proprioceptive Training 
  • Chapter 7:
    Training Periodization based on the Sports 
  • Chapter 8:
    Functional Assessment of the athlete
  • Chapter 9:
    Training Programs with kettlebells aimed at Sports Performance Training 
  • Chapter 10:
    Weekly Training Frequency
  • Chapter 11:
    Injuries in Sports: Preventive and Rehab Training Programs
  • Chapter 12:
    Kettlebells combined with Plyometric Training
  • Chapter 13 / 1^ parte:
    Kettlebell Exercises in Sports Performance Training (400 with Kettlebells + 50 Bodyweight)
  • Chapter 13 / 2^ parte:
    Bodyweight Plyometric Exercises and those using specific training equipment 
  • Chapter 14: 

    Proper Mindset and social value of the Kettlebell Training 

You can buy the book in three options based on your needs and preferences:

  1. Online viewable e-book directly on this website.

  2. E-book version on Amazon Kindle from this link

  3. Or, if you prefer a printed book, also available on Amazon from this link.

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