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Why become one of our Sponsors?

If you are the owner of a business or a commercial activity, or you are a freelancer, becoming a Sponsor of our Company can help you develop more contacts and, consequently, clients.

Here are 10 points to give you a clear idea of our Partnership:

  1. Strengthens your image and brand
  2. Associates your brand with the healthy and positive values typical of sport and wellness
  3. High percentage of penetration in the international social fabric also through our international e-commerce
  4. Possibilities for sending targeted and reserved offers for our Affiliates
  5. Concrete possibilities for increasing the number of contacts for your business and consequently increasing the sale of products and services
  6. Possibilities for creating agreements with our Affiliates and transforming them into your loyal clients
  7. Customised sponsorship packages able to satisfy any type of budget
  8. High visibility through our Website and our App
  9. High visibility through our “social” media
  10. High visibility through our international events

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